STEALTH - Signature Edition

STEALTH - Signature Edition

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STEALTH - Signature Edition - Aviation Style


Signature Edition watch faces are defined by super-crisp custom made anti-aliased graphics. This gives a sure token of superior rendering precision. 

Combined with a impressive list of features, customizations, and attention to detail, the Signature Edition is setting a new Standard for the next generation of Connect IQ analog watch faces.





Q: Sunrise/sunset are incorrect?

A: Turn on GPS till green status on any activity to save your last position and everything will be fine.

Q: How to use watch settings?


Q: Nothing helps, what to do?

A: Please write me! Use the contact developer option on this page before leaving a bad review!

Q: How do I change between 12/24 hour?

A: Go to Settings - System - Time - Time Format and change it there.



This Watch Face Display (Free version):


-Free customizable GMT hand




Paid version adds the customization of the following:


-Theme Color

-Hands Color

-Background Color

-Text Color


1 Configurable field with the following options:



-Distance ( Km or miles, based on watch settings )

-Altitude ( Meters or feet, based on watch settings )


-Calories (kCal)

-Near RealTime Heart Rate ( High rate update available on High Power mode )

-Sunrise Time (Time calculated using last recorded Position)

-Sunset Time (Time calculated using last recorded Position)

-Second Time1

-Second Time2

-Next Sun Event

-Countdown in days to a date

-Barometer (hPa) (***On supported devices)

-Week Number




Current limitations:


The current implementation that allows super-crisp graphics won't support "always on" second hand until devices with more memory are released by Garmin.


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