SCUBA Watch Face

SCUBA Watch Face

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Entering the activation code in the settings section will allow the paid options to be applied.


Settings can be changed with Garmin Connect on your phone or with Garmin Express on your computer. A “How to” can be found here:


***To calculate the sun event the watch face will need a valid GPS location to start with. Starting a run and wait for a green GPS will do.







Q: Sunrise/sunset are incorrect?


A: Turn on GPS till green status on any activity to save you last position and everything would be fine.


Q: Can't see the Seconds Hand?


A: For now, IQ Watch faces can't display the second all the time. Only newer devices will support the "Always ON" second hand (ex: Fenix 5). For older models (ex: Fenix 3HR), the seconds are only available when the watch is in "high power mode". Bring the watch up to your face will trigger the high power mode for a few seconds. More details on the forum:


Q: How to use watch settings?




Q: Nothing helps, what to do?


A: Please write me! Use the contact developer option on this page before leaving a bad review!


Q: How do I change between 12/24 hour?


A: Go to Settings - System - Time - Time Format and change it there.




This Watch Face Display (Free version):







Paid version adds:


2 Configurable fields with the following options:

-Theme Color





-Distance ( Km or miles, based on watch settings )

-Altitude ( Meters or feet, based on watch settings )


-Calories (kCal)

-Heart Rate

-Sunrise Time (Time calculated using last recorded Position)

-Sunset Time (Time calculated using last recorded Position)

-Second Time1

-Second Time2

-Next Sun Event

-Countdown in days to a date

-Barometer (hPa) (***On supported devices)

-Week Number



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