Aviator Watch Face

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Perfect for the Aviators! 

Entering the activation code in the settings section will allow the paid options to be applied.

Settings can be changed with Garmin Connect on your phone or with Garmin Express on your computer. A “How to” can be found here: https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?332843-How-to-App-Settings



This Watch Face Display (Free version):


-Steps progression ( Line leveling towards green )


-Minutes hand Colour is configurable

-Inverted Colour Mode




Paid version adds:



-Seconds (Only available during High Power Mode and Turbulence)

-Steps / Steps Goal

-Distance ( Km or miles, based on watch settings )

-Altitude ( Meters or feet, based on watch settings )


-Calories (kCal)

-Heart Rate

-Notifications ( only visible if the number of notifications is greater than 0 )

-Sunrise Time (Time calculated using last recorded Position)

-Sunset Time (Time calculated using last recorded Position)

-Second Time

-Next Sun Event


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